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artmuffin painting in the studioAs I've worked different jobs in and out of the art and design fields I've really gotten to know myself and what it is that I really enjoy doing. I enjoy drawing and painting things that just come to me as I sit and create. It comes naturally. Why should I NOT pursue it? I'm good at it. It's natural.

I can't tell you how many times someone has seen my art and said "That's weird". Sometimes it's a compliment and sometimes it's because they are offended. We all bring our own experiences to the table when it comes to looking at Art. I sometimes have the ability of creating art that stirs emotions in people. Sometimes it makes them uncomfortable and other times it brings great joy and awe.

I'm only partially responsible for what you feel when you see my work. As the viewer you already bring something with you. I provide mystery and emotion for a wide-open vehicle to ride and engage in. Please ride the ride, get what you get, and provide feedback. If you love it, you love it. If you hate it, you hate. Just think about why you feel the way that you do from viewing some random, possibly meaningless picture. Think about what may have happened in your life for you to react in such a way to some seemingly random and insignificant drawing or painting.
Is it the art that made you react? Maybe.
But would you have reacted that way if you hadn't gone through a very specific series of events in your life? And speaking of those events, what are the chances you'd see artwork that stirred emotions pertaining to those events?
Life is full of mystery. One of the foundations of my artwork is mystery. Mystery is what keeps us going, keeps us guessing, keeps us alive and driven. One of the primary goals of the artwork I create is to imagine myself as a child again....what kind of artwork would I have seen that would have completely blown my mind..? What artwork would I have seen as a child that I would just completely be in wonder about? I'd see it and just say 'whoooaaaaa, what is that?', 'where does that come from?', 'what language is that?'.

It's all about mystery and keeping your inner child. I have a note taped to my bathroom mirror that says "Take frequent trips to your childhood kingdom", it's about all of these things. About imagination and wonder, and not getting too caught up in just having 'things' and 'getting by'. It's about following your dreams and loving them and being rewarded for following them.

In the meantime I'll keep creating. Please remain on your quest to do what you love and that inspires you, and do whatever it is that you want to do with your life. This is important, and the clock is ticking.


About my current work, The Book of Gosh:

The "Gosh" pieces are created with the concept of being pages from a lost book or temple from another culture in another dimension. The work is often human, alien, or animal anatomy with what appears to be a kind of hieroglyphic writing and symbolism accompanying the subject. The pages vary from anatomical description to ceremonial preparation to the preservation of a history. All pages are from 'The Book of Gosh'. Other works may be pieces from The Temple.

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