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These shown below and many more!

Player's Republic Blackbird Totem
Beast Totem-pink Sacred Grounds
For Ceremony-page from the Book of Gosh Green Skull with lotus
Earth Day Psychotrails
Green icons with golden worm Possible Creation
Psychotrails Eye of Gosh, Hands of Gosh
Page from the Book of Gosh-Twins Page from the Book of Gosh-skull
Page from the Book of Gosh-Hand Page from the Book of Gosh-Elements

Prophecy Deck-2nd Edition

2nd Edition is here! ...the 1st Edition of the Prophecy deck sold out rather quickly (about a week). 2nd Edition is now here in my parisite-infested claws and there are only 5 decks available. Thanks to everyone for your interest!

Poe with Ravens and Tell Tale Heart Print

POE..and other cool prints.

A while back I made a really cool Lovecraft 'NecronomiCon' print as well as this POE print you see at left. People really seem to love these two, which I guess makes sense...they seem like they could be the strange friends that live around the corner that are always doing weird things and telling stories you're afraid to believe.

Anyway, I have prints of these men that have made their mark on the world. Poe is here. Lovecraft is here.

If you purchase either of these prints, be sure to use the coupon code "ELDERGOD" at checkout to get 25% off.

ARTmuffin deck designs at Devil Street Decks!